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A little about us -

We are native Hebrew speakers with a profound knowledge of both English and Hebrew language, grammar and legacy.
We also have a Bible scholar. For any Bible inscription, we will advise you on choosing unique Bible verses for your Hebrew tattoo or will explain the meaning (or meanings, if exist) of your chosen verse. We also have experienced English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English translators, so you’re positive that you are getting the tattoo you want!

Just remember - 

  • Hebrew is not an easy language. Even Hebrew native speakers don’t speak it correctly; and writing it correctly, especially when it comes to idioms and Bible verses, is even less common. This is particularly true when the phrase is with Nikkud (the little dots and dashes around the letters) – most Hebrew native speakers will be able to read it, but not to write it correctly!
  • Most Hebrew tattoo meaning or spelling mistakes cannot be fixed by re-doing the tattoo. Fixing the mistake would only be possible after a very expensive laser tattoo removal treatment. So why not get it right the first time?