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English to Hebrew Translation for Any Purpose

Perhaps you are studying post-graduate world religion, and need to compare the Torah or the Bible in their original Hebrew texts to various translated versions. Or perhaps you need to reach Hebrew communities in Israel for business purposes, or perhaps you just want to translate a tattoo.
English to Hebrew translation is used for many reasons. Whatever your reason for English to Hebrew translation, there are over seven million speakers of Hebrew, the majority living in Israel. This is an audience that can be added to your target market, research, or any other scholarly or business endeavor. You can obtain a free quote within minutes using our menu on the left. Or connect with our live chat for a consultation and more personalized service.

Specifics about Hebrew Language Translation

As one of the oldest languages in the world, Hebrew has influenced many of today's languages. However, just like most other languages, Hebrew comes in more than one dialect, and is not without its intricacies. It is especially necessary for professional, experienced translators for any English to Hebrew translation to take on your project, because of these aspects of the Hebrew language:
  • The major dialects of Hebrew used today are Sephardi, Modern Israeli Hebrew, Mizrahi (also known as Oriental)Hebrew, and Yemenite Hebrew.
  • Sephardi Hebrew is used by the Portugese and Spanish Jewish population, where as Mizrahi Hebrew is used by Jewish communities in various Arabic populations and regions. Yemenite Hebrew is used in liturgy and religious contexts.
  • Unlike English, Hebrew addresses both masculine and feminine genders, which affect vocabulary and any kind of written or spoken address to a particular audience. This gets more complicated with things like mixed groups, and combinations of numbers, years and months, which require in-depth knowledge of Hebrew grammar for a professional Hebrew translation.
  • There are words within the Hebrew alphabet that can sound extremely similar, especially to the English speaker's ear. There are a few sounds which English speakers find very hard to pronounce, and which even some native Hebrew speakers can misspell.
Tomedes offers only the most experienced, expert Hebrew translators that know how to rectify even the most complex difficulties with English to Hebrew translation service.

Efficient, Fast, and Affordable Hebrew Language Translation

We understand that your business, project or endeavor is extremely important to you. We have invested in our Hebrew translation service the same way you have invested in your business, service or project. We guarantee that your translation will be error-free and fast, for the absolute lowest price possible. Our translators have specialized and industry specific experience, so whether you need legal documents, medical transcripts, scholarly texts, user guides, manuals or web content for technical Hebrew translation, we have translators for you that have years of experience in your industry. To get started, select your language and upload your text using the free quote menu on the left, or talk to us directly with our live chat.